Jonathon Brannon, the driving force behind Hip Rock Records, home to: Brannon (Rock & Hip Hop), Random Parts (Rock), Radio Fly (Hip Hop), After Adam (Pop), and Small Town Feel (Country/Pop), defies musical labels. Raised on diverse influences, he blends genres seamlessly, creating music that transcends boundaries. Collaborative and innovative, Brannon's work resonates globally, inspiring a new era of creativity. With each release, he pushes the limits of sonic exploration, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry.

If you like what you hear and feel inspired to support the music, it will mean even more to me if you did that here, rather than stream a song 1,000 times on Spotify, Apple Music or any of the other streaming platforms, who do not fairly compensate independent artists such as myself, for the art that we passionately create and invest in. 

I firmly believe that music is therapy. It tells the stories of our love, our pain, our doubts, our failures and our triumphs. It's what keeps us connected, quiets the noise and serves as a constant reminder that at our core, we are more alike than we are different.

Music has value.

-Jonathon Brannon


Gridiron: Legacy


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For the first time ever, all three Gridiron's are on one EP and newly mixed and mastered! Gridiron: Legacy includes the brand new Gridiron 4! The last installment to this iconic franchise that sends it out on top!

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Lick It Up

Random Parts

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Enjoy this epic cover of the iconic KISS tune! A great modern take, with an original rap verse, while staying true to the original!

If you purchase here, you'll also get a bonus version of the song, which features Last in Line frontman, Andrew Freeman on vocals! You won't find this version anywhere else!

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Cosmonaut Cowboys

After Adam

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Filled with catchy hooks, memorable lyrics and commercially appealing vocals, fans of Pop and Christian Pop music are sure to enjoy After Adam's debut album 'Cosmonaut Cowboys'.

Come along for the ride!

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