Everyday Heroes is indeed a purely acoustic album, featuring brilliantly bold yet expressive, raspy vocals, and a crisp overall finish that allows this intimate setting to shine brightly at volume. An impressive album on the whole – not too many acts can perform their way through such an extensive collection with only a guitar as a guide. Beautifully done.” - Rebecca Cullen

Stereo Stickman

Some people are just born with a gift of understanding songwriting & knowing where to find the melody at the heart of it all…and Brannon has definitely proven to be one of those artists with that level of natural talent throughout the years. You’ll hear it for yourself though…it’s right there on display, I can promise ya that – and you’ll notice it right from the drop right on “I’m Alive.” ” - Jeremy Gladstone


Authentic, soulful acoustic rock. Well crafted songs and brilliant vocals that keep you coming back track after track. You don’t need to hide behind complex instrumentation or heavy production here – these songs and lyrics written by Jonathon Brannon stand all on their own. That said, the exquisite vocal performances from David Cagle only make this album even more enjoyable to listen to. Brannon has done a phenomenal job on this album of differentiating themselves in a genre that has proved to be challenging to stand out in. For the acoustic rock fan, Everyday Heroes is definitely worth a listen.” - The Ark of Music

The Ark of Music

Overflowing with powerful melodies, potent lyricism and passionate performances, Everyday Heroes is an album fueled by heart and soul. The organic, intimate nature of an acoustic guitar and emotive, engaging vocals provide the perfect foundation for honest, relatable, homegrown songwriting.” - Joshua Smotherman

Indie Music Discovery

‘Everyday Heroes’ by Brannon is a spiritual album for 2020. Each song is like a different anthem. Listening to each track is like examining a new moment of this incredibly bizarre year. ‘Everyday Heroes’ is made up of a mix of genres, ranging from alternative to pop to something reminiscent of country-western. If you still are not convinced to give this album a try, ‘I’m Alive’ is a firm reminder of our own mortality in a truly uplifting sense. It reminds us that we are still here. It reminds us to make the best possible use of our time. Perhaps that is the true message of ‘Everyday Heroes’ – how important it is to make the most of our time.” - Taylor Denton

Indie Band Guru

Everyday Heroes


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The New Critically Acclaimed Acoustic Rock Album.

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LIMITED EDITION Album Cover Art Magnets & 3 CD Bundle

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This limited edition bundle includes our first three acoustic rock albums, 'Welton St', 'The Road Less Traveled' & 'Everyday Heroes' on CD!

These are professionally created REPLICATED (not CD-R) discs, complete with full color artwork on the CD & packaged in full color Eco Jackets & shrink wrapped.

I can also sign each CD for no extra charge. Just ask! (I will have to open the shrink wrap)


3 inch by 3 inch cover art magnets of all four Acoustic Rock albums by Brannon!

Including the upcoming 2021 release 'Wish You Were Here'.


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BONUS: Includes a digital copy of our brand new album 'Everyday Heroes'!

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Brannon specializes in the type of classic, no frills songwriting that defies trends and speaks directly to the hearts of the listeners.  A collaboration between award winning lyricist Jonathon Brannon and ace studio vocalist David Cagle, the duo’s songs are filled with a rare authenticity and honesty, making them stand out from the crowd of their fame seeking peers.

From Acoustic Rock to Hip Hop, Brannon’s catalogue of music is diverse & eclectic. 

Come browse around and stay awhile.

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