Our Story

Brannon is a studio based project/band, consisting of award winning songwriter Jonathon Brannon & highly sought-after studio/session vocalist David Cagle. Over the last ten years Jonathon & David have done numerous songs together, all of which have been created entirely online.

Brannon finally released their debut album 'Welton St' in June 2014. It's an acoustic rock/singer-songwriter album originally consisting of twelve songs, dealing with Jonathon's childhood to adulthood, relationships and every thing in between.

In September 2015, Brannon released their debut Hip Hop album 'The Rocker, The Rappers & The Lyricist'. A seven song EP, collaborating with some of the most talented, up and coming artists and producers. The album included the fan favorite, "Gridiron". The album is streamed hundreds of times per month worldwide on Spotify.

Brannon released their second acoustic rock/singer-songwriter based album 'The Road Less Traveled' on June 9, 2017. The album consists of some of the best songwriting to date for Jonathon Brannon & David Cagle and the entire album is professionally mixed and mastered by world class engineer Matty Harris.

Jonathon Brannon finds inspiration for his songs from everyday life. Whether it's telling the story of his childhood, being homeless, the relationship with his father, or a song about going for your dreams, Jonathon writes from the heart. Take an award winning lyricist like Jonathon Brannon and an awesome and passionate vocalist like David Cagle, you have a winning combination that you just don't hear everyday.